Rainy season

rain kampala

Rain. Days and nights of wet, thunder, fallen tree limbs. I don’t remember the rains being so long, so violent. Beautiful. Everything is green, lush, fed. Our floors are littered with tiny footprints of mud. Red rivers flow down our sloped front yard. It just keeps raining.

4 thoughts on “Rainy season

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  1. Tiny footprints of mud: I love that image.

    Thanks for sharing: Triggered a flood (heh) of memories-all the rain storms and the sounds and smells that came with them.

  2. What a distant feeling of thought in the way it comes across. Like the stirrings of childhood memories mixed with anew; vantage point. There is a serene innocence that comes across in that pitter patter of tiny little feet, in a world so close yet, so distant. Even sometimes the rain itself makes a home feel like that comforting hug, the humidity brings us to that close proximity. Family life.

    Nice thoughts.

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