The In-between

I almost became a goat cheese farmer.  When I crawled out from under the bed, once Canada was decided upon, the question became, okay, but where?  I’ve always been a foodie. I love to cook. Sicilian blood runs within me; I was reared in Southern hospitality. I really didn’t have a choice. It’s as much... Continue Reading →

Tell Me Your Life

Drowning in Uganda I lay on blogs as my raft. Floating in words, pictures, I found hope and inspiration. I’ve always loved biographies, documentaries. Even as an actress, telling narrative tales, I devoured true stories. Tell me your life, your stumbles, your successes, your humiliations. Tell me how you did it, how you live it,... Continue Reading →

Red, White, and Guns

I am from Florida. Most of my family still lives in Florida. I want my heart to break for the school victims, I want to cry and scream, and it did and I do, but my heart can’t break much more because it’s already broken. It broke with Sandy Hook. It gave up with Sandy... Continue Reading →

The Unraveling

Uganda was familiar yet so much had changed. It still remains running in my blood, when I look at my daughter I am there, she wraps the county around me so I can still smell it and feel it, even long for it. I see in her the people I knew for 4 years, the... Continue Reading →

Three years later…..

Three years, or there about...I've lost track of time. We have been on a tiny island for so long now it seems as though time has stopped. We paused. We rested. We exhaled. So many stories to tell, so many stories to come.. we got to this island. we fled Uganda. to... Continue Reading →

Rainy season

Rain. Days and nights of wet, thunder, fallen tree limbs. I don't remember the rains being so long, so violent. Beautiful. Everything is green, lush, fed. Our floors are littered with tiny footprints of mud. Red rivers flow down our sloped front yard. It just keeps raining.

The Guardians

To the office of the security company that guards my home: Dear sirs, I want to thank you for the men and women you have sent to keep me and my family safe, and for your non-stop support of my husband, and I, and our children. From that first day I have felt as light... Continue Reading →

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