Red, White, and Guns

I am from Florida. Most of my family still lives in Florida. I want my heart to break for the school victims, I want to cry and scream, and it did and I do, but my heart can’t break much more because it’s already broken. It broke with Sandy Hook. It gave up with Sandy... Continue Reading →

Go to the dogs

California is hot. Then cold. Then hot. Cold. Nothing that  happened the day before can prepare you for the next. I've taken to wearing my swimsuit under my parka. I've been back for 2 months. I felt a tug, or more like I was thrown overboard after attaching my anchor to a speeding boat passing... Continue Reading →


I had a very interesting conversation yesterday with an African-American now living here in Rome. I brought up the subject of racism and asked him what his experience has been since being here. Many warned us, including an Italian, that discrimination was rampant in Rome and being a biracial family, we might encounter some hostility.... Continue Reading →

The American

In my Italian language class the teacher went around the room and asked each of us where we were from. I was the lone American. An hour later, when break time came round, a young man, from somewhere quite cold and we'll leave it at that, leaned into me and whispered into my ear, "So,... Continue Reading →

Prairie voles

I recently read an article about prairie voles. When boy p. vole meets girl p. vole and sparks fly they embark upon a 24-hour copulate-a-thon. The boy p. vole literally memorizes, imprints girl p. vole into his brain, thus unable to see all the other lovely girl (or boy if you will) voles and with... Continue Reading →

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