Willow Branches

Deep within the dark Pacific Northwest winter I went to the island nursery to get some eucalyptus branches for my bathroom. It not being the season for eucalyptus branches the gentleman offered me some cut willow tree. I asked him if they would last long. He said you could actually stick a willow branch into... Continue Reading →

Red, White, and Guns

I am from Florida. Most of my family still lives in Florida. I want my heart to break for the school victims, I want to cry and scream, and it did and I do, but my heart can’t break much more because it’s already broken. It broke with Sandy Hook. It gave up with Sandy... Continue Reading →

Almost, but not yet

The summer is winding down, should have been home by now. We ran from two islands, but Irene caught us in NY and has us grounded. No space on any airlines, so we wait, stuck, packed, ready, in memories. We left this behind, spending our last day on the farm haying: My husband got to... Continue Reading →

Nobody cares where Jack Layton was born

As a displaced Canadian, my husband occasionally (continuously) touts political systems that have more than two parties, more than red and blue.  Canada is heading to the polls on Monday and having their own bit of last minute excitement. It's actually a breath of fresh air in the free exercise of choice and discussion of... Continue Reading →

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