The Marocchino

This is a marocchino. It's dark chocolate melted into a cup, then filled with lots of espresso, a little foamed milk, and topped off with more chocolate. The first time I had it I thought, "Oh. This must be what it's like to have speed injected directly into your eyeball." I'm not addicted at all.

Start them early

I was wondering today, as I drank my fourth cup of espresso and felt my heart pounding in my toes, how the Italians do it. Espresso, vino, molta pasta tutto giorno! And then I realized  the progression, the procession, that is a must to live the Italian way. Shunning pasta in favor of grilled salmon,... Continue Reading →

La dolce vita

Italians love their sweets. For breakfast it's always, always dolce. You cannot find a plain croissant in Rome. Most are stuffed with jam or custard, and if you ask for a plain one it's been glazed with sugar, because why would you eat it otherwise? And for treats throughout the day? Well, of course, more... Continue Reading →

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