Willow Branches

Deep within the dark Pacific Northwest winter I went to the island nursery to get some eucalyptus branches for my bathroom. It not being the season for eucalyptus branches the gentleman offered me some cut willow tree. I asked him if they would last long. He said you could actually stick a willow branch into... Continue Reading →

The Island

It all started with a kitchen.  While searching and gathering everything I could about Quebec and Ottawa, Vancouver and Toronto, learning about cities and schools and neighborhoods my husband sent me a link to a house for sale with a kitchen that stopped everything.  The house was nothing to look at, but this kitchen, THIS KITCHEN... Continue Reading →

The Unraveling

Uganda was familiar yet so much had changed. It still remains running in my blood, when I look at my daughter I am there, she wraps the county around me so I can still smell it and feel it, even long for it. I see in her the people I knew for 4 years, the... Continue Reading →

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