To the Pacific Northwest weather

Dear Spring, I am going need to you to try a little harder. It was a very long, dark winter and while I appreciate your tenderness, I need you to assert yourself now, please.  Okay, yes, I did complain about your early arrival last year with a sun that blazed and scorched a bit too... Continue Reading →


  It’s the beginning of spring.  It’s spring break.  The rhythm of schooled days have turned into a tossed windstorm of bike rides, beach combing, farm visits, field running, and play dough covered hands. Children who never seem to stop moving, eating, needing, loving.  All day we play, run, eat, until we collide with our... Continue Reading →

Winter’s edge

  Warm days in full sun trapping us in joy.  A picnic on a colorful blanket catching shadows from buds just reaching up through the long browned earth. A stroll through our village watching shops waking from winter and cafés spilling over. A bald eagle playing chase with a raven outside our window, so close their wings seemed to... Continue Reading →

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